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Positive and Negative Pressure Curved Surface Covering Mchine -WVP2500A
Vacuum Press    
The Big Pic
Product Introduction:
It can be used for covering all kinds of top grade PVC,solid wood skin ,heating transfer,etc.And it is upgrading and changing praduct of ordinary negative pressure machine type.

1.Advanced pneumatic hydraulic sealed system, so it can make sure that the whole technology process can be operated in a safe,stable and efficient way.
2.Import well-known brand of vacuum pump,advanced prepared pressure heating device and automatic cooling system can make sure of hige quality of products.
3.Full automatic single side double-layer aluminum alloy worktable,so it can improve the automatic level and duplicate the working efficiency.
4.Advanced man-machine inferface,large scale PLC,high automatic level and easy operation.

Technical Features
Overall dimensions:  6800*2200*2100mm
Worktable size: 2550*1250mm
Total power: 48.5kw
Vacuum: -0.1Mpa
Positive pressure: 0.5Mpa
Weight: 12000kg

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